WCMS Legislative Advocacy Efforts

WCMS strives to remain bipartisan and to serve as a vehicle for the distribution of healthcare related policy information to our members.  Through these efforts we encourage all physicians to educate themselves on the various issues facing their patients and the practice of medicine and become actively Legislative-Quote-Samantha-Read-Smith-2017-1.pngengaged in the legislative process.  Our legislative advocacy strategy includes:

  • During election years, compiling a list of key healthcare related topics and asking all WNC candidates to provide us with their position on each topic.  WCMS will share this information with our members and make it available on our website in advance of election day.
  • During election years, encouraging all incumbents and candidates to make us aware of any fundraising events where they would like the support of physicians.  We will share this information, when made available to us, on our website. 
  • During election years, hosting a candidate forum and inviting all WNC candidates and WCMS members to attend.  We will ask candidates to share their position on key healthcare related issues with our members.
  • Encouraging physicians to participate in legislative activities and events such as NCMS’s White Coat Wednesdays  to educate themselves on key issues and build relationships with individual legislators. WCMS will organize at least one WCMS member trip to White Coat Wednesdays in Raleigh every year.
  • Building new and strengthening existing practice-based PACs.
  • Facilitating opportunities for physicians who identify a legislative need to connect with other like-minded physicians to support the appropriate legislators who will champion the issue.
  • Supporting medicine-friendly candidates through our Political Action Committee (PAC) .  The PAC Board determines which candidates to support financially based on information gathered from a variety of sources and considering the proven support of local legislators on key issues. (2016 Update: The BCMS PAC is currently dormant and not accepting donations for any candidates during this election)

If you would like information on our legislative advocacy efforts or how to form a practice based PAC please contact our CEO.

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