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Read how your colleagues all over Western North Carolina are taking advantage of the latest technology by using the DocBookMD app to securely send HIPAA-compliant messages directly from their iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

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Physicians in the WNC region now have access to a tool that can help them communicate more efficiently and save time and money in the process. That tool is DocBookMD, a physicians-only smartphone app that allows physicians to:

  • Send HIPAA-compliant text messages and photos. Message content can include diagnosis, test results, or medical history. Physicians can also add a high-resolution image of an EKG, an X-ray, lab report, or anything that can be photographed with a smartphone.
  • Assign an urgency setting to outgoing text messages. Physicians can assign each message a 5-minute, 15-minute, or normal response time. If the physician does not answer the message within 5 minutes or if the message does not get to the physician, the sender will receive a message back stating that the message did not make it.
  • Enable enhanced notifications. The physician can enter a cell phone number to receive text messages or an email address to receive notifications that DocBookMD messages are waiting. The email feature will send a weekly reminder to view DocBookMD messages.
  • Search the Western Carolina Medical Society directory. Physicians can look up other physicians in their region by first or last name or by specialty. Physicians can then contact other physicians by messaging, office phone, cell phone, or email.
  • Search a local pharmacy directory. Physicians can search for a local pharmacy alphabetically or find a pharmacy by zip code. Users can also create a “favorites” list of physicians or pharmacies.

Can you text that to me?

DocBookMD has been available to WCMS members since 2013 and the numbers of providers using the app is growing remarkably quickly. One physician said of the DocBookMD texting feature: “It has made communication better and faster, particularly about patients in hospitals. I can also get a summary about discharged patients from the hospital.” 

One of the most popular features of the app is texting, as DocBookMD offers physicians one of the only ways to text patient information securely and in a way that meets HIPAA requirements.

“As we say, a photograph is worth a thousand words, and with DocBookMD, I can have the emergency department physicians send me all the information, with a photograph of a hand injury, or a face laceration,” says another DocBookMD physician user.  “I know right where it is, and I can tell them right away what we need to do or where we need to go, assess whether it’s something I need to see right now, or if it can wait until morning.”

Texting features are one reason why medical professional liability carriers sponsor the app and support its use among physicians. Carriers believe DocBookMD can improve communication and help physicians practice safe medicine.

Yet another physician DocBookMD user is “particularly excited about the ability to contact physicians through a secure network to request consults or provide follow-up information. This saves a significant amount of time that would previously be spent on hold or waiting for a return call. The ability to know whether or not my message has been read in a timely manner helps prevent delays in patient care.”

Communicating across county lines

In 2012, DocBookMD began regionalizing the app, allowing physicians to communicate across county lines. WCMS physician members of the 16 counties of Western North Carolina can now send each other text messages or search medical society directory information.

Regionalization breaks down the communication barriers between counties, allowing for real-time access to specialists. This is particularly important in rural areas where access to specialty care is limited.

County medical society benefits

In addition to helping physicians communicate and collaborate, DocBookMD also helps WCMS build membership. This benefits physicians by creating a stronger medical society and a louder voice for physician advocacy. Physicians also have access to a broader referral base and more opportunities for networking and community-building. 


Join DocBookMD

DocBookMD is available for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices and is provided at no charge to members of the Western Carolina Medical Society.  If you are a member, it's as easy as 1-2-3!

  • Step 1- Download the free app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Step 2- Open up the app and it will guide you through the easy registration process. (To login, use the e-mail address you provided to WCMS. If you do not know, contact for the correct e-mail address or your medical society ID number).
  • Step 3- Start using DocbookMD to contact your colleagues!

For more information, please visit

DocBook is an exclusive benefit to WCMS Members.  If you aren't a WCMS member, apply here.

News about DocBookMD

Case study

A patient arrives in the emergency department (ED) after injuring his toe while mowing his lawn. The ED physician determines that the wound can be treated with antibiotics and local care. He calls the on-call orthopedic surgeon.

The ED physician describes the wound and what is shown in the X-rays to the orthopedic surgeon. The orthopedic surgeon is unsure of the diagnosis, having just treated a patient who lost his toe due to necrosis after being lost in follow up. The orthopedic surgeon must decide whether to accept the ED diagnosis or go to the ED and see the patient in person.

Due to his recent experience, the orthopedic surgeon requests that X-rays and photos of the wound be sent to his smartphone through DocBookMD. Within minutes, the orthopedic surgeon reviews the images and agrees with the ED physician’s assessment of the wound. The patient does not need to see a specialist.

The patient is released from the ED much quicker and received more appropriate care. The orthopedic surgeon could be sure the wound was not severe and did not require him to see the patient in the ED. He avoided an unnecessary trip to the ED and was able to participate in his family event.

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