What Has WCMS Done For You?

WCMS staff works alongside physician leadership and membership throughout the year on projects of importance and value to our constituencies. Here are some of the recent accomplishments:





  • Helped bring a change in policy regarding physician burnout at the NC Medical Board.  The Board’s language now recognizes and accepts that physicians may seek help for burnout or mental health without having to report it to the Board. 
  • Held a 2nd Burnout Prevention Retreat in April- with over 100 physicians and spouses/partners in attendance.  
  • Interviewed 4 different innovative practices in the region and shared their inventive ideas with members.
  • Conducted a virtual candidate forum- surveyed 11 political candidates regarding their views on important healthcare topics and shared responses with members to inform their voting decisions.
  • Enacted a “Get Out The Vote” campaign- targeting physicians and the community to vote for candidates who supported Medicaid Expansion.
  • Recruited 113 new members to WCMS, and renewed 652 members from previous year.
  • Held 2 large events for physicians to connect with each other as well as 13 affinity groups throughout the year. 


  • Project Access® served over 2,800 patients- almost 900 of which were new patients.  
  • Project Access®(PA) celebrated its 20th Anniversary of providing free or low-cost care to patients through providers’ volunteerism.  In 20 years, PA served over 62,000 patients with a value of $178 million in charity care!
  • Project Access® began co-locating a Health Access Counselor at two new sites: May’s Care Center and South French Broad Care Center. 
  • Enrolled 61 consumers into the Health Insurance Marketplace- many of whom received insurance for the first time.
  • WCMS Interpreter Network (WIN) had almost 6,000 appointments in 2016 (23% growth compared to 2015), helping limited English-proficient and Deaf patients communicate with their providers.  
  • WIN created videos of ASL interpreters and posted on our website- providing better service for the Deaf community to be able to choose the interpreter(s) that they best understand.  
  • The WCMSF Endowment provided an $8,640 grant to support the Good Samaritan Clinic of Jackson County.
  • The Charles Blair Scholarship fund provided small scholarships to 7 students to pursue a career in health.