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Key Tenets of Healthy Healer Program (HHP) Coaching & Therapy Services:

  • Developed by your peers 

  • Quality professionals

    • Coaches and therapists are vetted by WCMS and have an understanding for working with medical providers
  • Six Free sessions and further discounts for WCMS Members

    • Thanks to underwriting and private donations, all WCMS members are eligible to receive six free therapy or coaching sessions.
    • All coaches and therapists participating through HHP will offer a 10% to 20% discount on their professional fees to current members of WCMS.
  • Voluntary 

    • HHP services can only be initiated by you. No mandated referrals allowed. 
  • Confidential and Independent

    • Coaching and Counseling sessions are anonymous and confidential and will not be reported to the medical board, employer, WCMS, or any other third party. (With very few exceptions; see the Policies & Procedures)
    • Language adopted in 2016 by the NC Medical Board recognizes and accepts that physicians may seek help for burnout or mental health without having to report it to the Board. For more on this, read Dr. Robert Henderson' letter.
    • These services are for self-pay only, so no insurance will be billed and no insurance record created.

For more information, download the full HHP Policies & Procedures document.

Coaching vs Therapy

HHP offers both coaching and counseling services.  Which one makes the most sense for you?  Here are some basic differences between the two:



  • Objectives - to help people maximize their fulfillment in life and work.
  • Objectives - to address and resolve problems relating to interpersonal health (i.e. anxiety, depression, relational stressors, addictions)
  • Mostly future-oriented (focus on goals, untapped potential to promote present wellness). 
  • Mostly past-oriented (encourages awareness of past issues to promote present wellness).
  • Approach - more active: coaches may make recommendations, help brainstorm solutions/strategies, create structured plans of action.                           
  • Approach - more retrospective: therapists are less likely to give advice, and help guide client to find their own answers.
  • Education/Credentials- while few official requirements exist, WCMS vets coaches for quality experience and college education at minimum.  Many HHP coaches are also MDs and/or ICF certified.
  • Education/Credentials - official requirements are more extensive. Minimum of a Master's Degree and hundreds of hours of supervised training.















Getting Started

Although we have vetted these coaches and therapists to help you narrow down the field, ultimately you are the one to decide which professional best fits your need. Please take the time to interview these providers independently to insure your satisfaction.

  1. Review the Information Sheets below to learn more about our coaches and therapists
  2. Contact the therapist/coach directly to see if they're a good match for you 
  3. Be sure to tell the therapist/coach that you are a WCMS member so you can obtain your six free sessions and a discounted rate if you'd like to continue on past the six session.
  4. During your first appointment, the therapist/coach will request some paperwork, including these forms to be completed anonymously:
    • Informed Consent Form (which goes directly to 3rd party for anonymous safe-keeping)
    • Anonymous Demographics Form (which helps WCMS measure the reach of the program)
    • Anonymous Survey (which helps WCMS measure the effectiveness of the program)

HHP Therapists

WCMS has contracted with the following mental health professionals who have been vetted for their ability and experience to work with medical professionals and their families.  


HHP Coaches

WCMS has contracted with the following coaches who have been vetted for their ability and experience to work with medical professionals and their families.