Buncombe County Emergency Services Memo

March 26, 2020


Here are the instructions for how providers can request PPE:

  1. Infection Control
  • Buncombe County Emergency Services (BCES) is the agency that handles PPE requests.
    • The attached document outlines the process for conserving existing PPE and requesting needed supplies.
    • If you are a provider in Buncombe County who is looking for PPE, you should:
      • Review the attached document.
      • If you want to submit a request, complete the form on the last page of the attachment.
      • You will also need to answer the following questions and send your responses as well as the form to the 3 individuals listed on the 1st page of the document.
  • Have neighboring agencies/facilities have been contacted to attempt to borrow/purchase additional PPE Supplies?
  • What administrative controls are being utilized to decrease the current burn rate of PPE?
  • When is the next expected delivery of PPE?
  • What is your daily burn rate and how many hours of each type of PPE does the agency currently have (e.g., 48 hours of gowns and 96 hours of N95 respirators)?
  • What surge management considerations have been implemented (postponing all elective and outpatient procedures, etc.)?
  • How many patients are currently on isolation?
  • For N95 respirators, OSHA requires that you have an approved respiratory protection program in place to include fit-testing, so you will also need to answer the question:
  • Have your employees been fit-tested for N95 respirators?  
    • If so, this testing is specific to the mask. This means if you are provided masks that are not the same ones your staff was fit-tested for you would have to fit test them for the new masks which would burn some of the stock you receive immediately.

**Please be aware that BCES does not have stock locally and this request will be forwarded to North Carolina Emergency Management. BCES does not know what resources are available through the state at this time, how they are being prioritized or any costs associated with obtaining them.