CARES Act PPP Virtual Presentation

April 9, 2020

The first CARES Act presentation on the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) for physicians went very well based on physician feedback. Physician Relations worked with you to personally invite physicians to meeting. Despite a 10 hour invitation window, over 1,000 physicians attended, which highlights the demand for this content.


  • CEOs or your designee: Please share the attached presentation and recording link below with your *physicians (criteria below) including the 1,000 who attended the live virtual meeting (PPR Directors can assist, if needed). The live presentation recording works without a 3/4ID. Open the attached pdf which has an embedded link to the recording on the first slide. Enter passcode: nGZ39nRh - or - click on link and enter passcode nGZ39nRh.


  • We will soon share answers to questions in chat which were not answered during the call so you may distribute to physicians.
  • The second session this week will cover the CMS Advance Payment Program. Details coming soon.


  • Joe Sowell and Erik Larsen created the agenda, content, and brought in 3 external experts to address questions.
  • Physicians requested additional sessions and were very thankful. We are compiling the feedback we are receiving and your PPR VP will share it with you.

*Legal guidance for “physicians” for purposes of CARES the Act virtual sessions

Alice Heywood in legal provided this guidance for us to use when inviting physicians and when sharing content with physicians to ensure we reach all appropriate physicians. You may want to include some of the below info in your message to physicians. We must not invite physicians to attend the live virtual training or to receive the training based on the value or volume of their referrals.

This HCA program is intended to assist independent physicians, including those on our medical staff, have access to hospital medical records or receive primary care physician notifications, but not PSG physicians. Our PSG physicians (both employed and foundation model) are likely not eligible to participate in the PPP loans or the Medicare Advance program based on the eligibility criteria for such programs. PSG is evaluating, however, and plans to pursue on behalf of PSG any actionable programs.