Convalescent plasma donation during COVID-19

May 15, 2020

Convalescent plasma donation during COVID-19:

Mission Health is using the FDA-approved procedure of convalescent plasma as a treatment for those with COVID-19, and is participating in an NIH study on it as well. Recently, WLOS did a news piece on plasma donation, and the need to spread the word about the opportunity for recovered patients to consider donating plasma if they are able and eligible. The news story states patients must be symptom-free for 28 days, but that requirement has since been decreased to only 14 days.

The Blood Connection can work with providers for direct referral and outreach to COVID+ recovered patients to get them scheduled, and will enter BAA’s as well to streamline outreach while protecting HIPAA. They provided forms as a starting place for referrals.

Mank people with high risk for contracting COVID-19 may be frail elderly and unable to donate, but as testing begins to increase in our areas, and contact-tracing is implemented over time, encouraging this step of plasma donation where possible seems like a possible way to contribute towards solutions. The Blood Connection and Mission are interested in developing a stockpile to be used in our region as needed, and in case we see a surge at any time.

Providers, please fill out this Provider Attestation Form to referr patients forCOVID-19 convalescent plasma donation!