Regional Telehealth Summit-West

Date: March 1, 2019 8:00 AM

The North Carolina Rural Health Leadership Alliance (NCRHLA) is a network of individuals and organizations working collaboratively to address issues relating to social drivers of health in rural communities through education and strategic partnerships. NCRHLA is a program of the Foundation for Health Leadership & Innovation.

Over the last several months, one of the key issues that has been at the forefront of many conversations as we discuss the future of health in rural communities, has been telehealth delivery. You are invited to join NCRHLA for a day of education and collaboration around rural health issues, featuring telehealth delivery. 

The day's agenda will cover an array of issues relevant to rural health and telehealth. There will also be an opportunity for you to share how rural health impacts your life and be part of meaningful strategy discussion.

Sponsorship opportunities for this event are available. Thank you to our sponsors that have already committed to making this day a great success!

Register using this link, or email