NCMS Legislative Update

June 14, 2021

The Legislature was back this week for another busy week. The House and Senate have stated they have reached a budget number agreement. We’re likely to see a Senate budget either this week or next.


There were several committee meetings last week. We want to point out a few bills. The first is HB96 -- Allow Pharmacists to Admin. Injectable Drugs. This bill was combined with pieces (along with new parts) of SB575 --Pharmacists Improve Public Health Needs. It was introduced for discussion only, with several changes requested by the NCMS, North Carolina Medical Board (NCMB), and many other physician and PA specialties that have been involved on this issue. Improvements to this bill will continue to be made, and the bill will likely be heard in Senate Health Committee this week. Thank you if your specialty or society has been engaged in this process.

Another bill that moved was HB453 --Human Life Nondiscrimination Act/No Eugenics. As previously mentioned, the Senate voted on this bill, and it has been sent to the governor. The NCMS is asking Governor Cooper to veto this bill due to its interference with the physician-patient relationship. We’ll keep you updated.