Alert from BCDH: NCIR and Required Polio Vaccine for Kindergartners

September 10, 2015

It has come to our attention at Buncombe County Health and Human Services that the NC Immunization Registry (NCIR) is not reflecting the new polio immunization requirement for Kindergartners. 
By NC law that went into effect 7/1/15, the booster (4th) dose of the inactivated poliovirus (IPV) vaccine is required on or after the 4th birthday and before entering school for the first time. 
  • However, NCIR will show a child to have completed their IPV series if they have had 4 doses, even if one of them has not been after the 4th birthday.
Therefore, you or your staff will need to review the date of the 4th IPV dose for all Kindergartners to be sure they meet vaccine requirements for school entry.  You cannot rely on NCIR to determine this.
We have been in contact with the NC Immunization Branch regarding this issue with NCIR.  Currently they are unable to fix this issue without it affecting the NCIR records for those persons vaccinated under pre-July 1 regulations.
If you have any questions, you may call our Immunization Clinic nurses at 828-250-5096. 
Thank you.
Jennifer Mullendore, MD, MSPH
Medical Director
Buncombe County Health and Human Services
Office:  (828) 250-6308