All Souls Counseling Center

August 22, 2012

all-souls.jpgMission:  "All Souls Counseling Center has been established to provide counseling to individuals, couple, and families.  Services from All Souls Counseling Center are available to all people of Western North Carolina regardless of their ability to pay or their faith perspective."

All Souls Counseling Center was created twelve years ago to provide a safety net for people needing counseling services that were uninsured or under insured.

Since that time we have continued to provide quality mental health services to over one thousand people a year in WNC.  Over 8,000 sessions a year include individual, couples, family, group and psychiatric care.

All Souls Counseling receives referrals from agencies, doctor offices, individuals and hospitals. Criteria includes that the person want counseling, not be insured (can be underinsured) and be appropriate for care without intensive outpatient or case management.  All Souls provides approximately 12 sessions per person although when seeing the psychiatrist they are not limited to a certain number of visits.

When individuals receive mental health services in a timely manner it serves the same purpose as prevention in the medical model.  All Souls services help decrease work related loss, relationship breakdown, domestic violence occurrences, jail time, inpatient and ED visits.  For example, depression and anxiety are the second leading cause of occupational down time in our country.

Clients pay on a sliding scale based on their family income which significantly is over one fifth of our budget.  The rest of the budget comes from grants and individual/corporate giving.  As the grant dollars decrease it becomes increasing more vital for our individual giving to increase in order to continue our services.  All Souls Counseling offers individual, couple family and group therapy, outpatient psychotherapy delivered by experienced licensed psychologists, social workers and marriage and family therapists many of which work pro bono; medication management prescribed by a Board Certified psychiatrist in conjunction with therapy when referred by an ASCC therapist and quality mental health care in a welcoming respectful, confidential and non-bureaucratic environment. 

Sue A. Brooks, LPC
Executive Director
All Souls Counseling Center, 35 Arlington Street, Asheville, NC 28801
828/259-3369 phone; 828/259-3779 fax;

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