Health Alert about Ebola Guidance for NC Providers

August 19, 2014

The updated Ebola guidance from NC DHHS includes:

  • definitions of high-risk and low-risk exposures;
  • laboratory guidance;
  • infection prevention guidance from CDC; and
  • information about assessment and monitoring of persons with Ebola exposure.

IMPORTANT:  Remember that physicians are required to contact their local health department (for Buncombe County Disease Control, 828-250-5109; available 24/7) or the state Communicable Disease Branch (919-733-3419; 24/7) as soon as Ebola or any other hemorrhagic fever virus infection is reasonably suspected.  

Click here to read full the guidance document on Ebola.

Download this basic handout about Ebola answering "What is Ebola, How Does Ebola Spread and What Travel Areas Could Have Possible Exposure".