Health Innovations in Our Community—Ashewell Medical Group

December 13, 2018

An interview with owner Dr. Carly Brown

WCMS’ Health Innovations series highlights WNC physicians, practices and programs that are on the cutting edge of healthcare transformation, both big and small. WCMS supports local physician members who are change agents by recognizing them and sharing among other WCMS members and the general community information about these local innovations.  If you know of such a physician or practice, please contact Miriam Schwarz.

Ashewell Medical Group is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) model. According to owner Dr. Carly Brown, the practice brings very high quality primary care to Asheville at affordable prices for those with or without insurance.  The practice offers a full package of care including a pharmacy, wholesale meds, labs, and imaging. The practice assigns 500 patients per physician. This allows patients to have a personal relationship with their physician, including 24 hour access to them. “Our services are very highly personalized. Patients get luxury care at an affordable price,” says Dr. Brown.

Dr. Brown opened Ashewell because she found that patients were growing dissatisfied with the level of care they were receiving in fee- for -service practices. Patients experienced reduced visit times, high wait times, polypharmacy, and depersonalized care. Ashewell patient visits typically range between 30-60 minutes, versus the usual 15 minutes or less found at many practices. The first visit for new patients is 60 minutes. The schedule is set based on patient need. The practice is also able to see patients on the same day. Patients are able to call on weekends and use text and email in order to communicate with Ashewell physicians.

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