Message from the Foundation Board Chair

February 21, 2017

Peterson-C-Britt.pngThese are not times of stability for us in the world of health care.  Whether or not you were supportive of the Affordable Care Act, there is clearly an effort in Washington to change course.  As we have yet to see what replacement strategy/plan will arise out of the ashes of the ACA, it is unclear what the new lay of the land in the healthcare world will be once the legislative process in the current US Congress is all said and done.  

As I begin my Chairmanship of the WCMS Foundation at the same time that our country struggles with the creation of  a “post-affordable care act,” it is my goal that our Foundation not just adapt but adapt well in this sea of change. First and foremost to me, is the challenge of how to nimbly build on our Foundation's long-term successes such as Project Access®.  We want to continue helping insure that our safety net system evolves in the appropriate direction to survive, and hopefully even thrive, within the changing and unpredictable healthcare landscape. 

If you agree with that goal, I would ask for your consideration of the following to help us in meeting that goal:

  1. Your continued willingness to volunteer time and services for programs such as Project Access® that provide care and services for the most vulnerable patients in our region
  2. Your continued willingness to share ideas with WCMS and its leadership that address the needs of both your patients and the entire healthcare system, particularly in regards to access to care problems.  While our Foundation is unable to meet on its own the large number of needs our system has right now, we can play a unique role in helping to meet some of them, while also partnering with other stakeholders in the healthcare system and region to help meet these larger needs.
  3. Your financial support of our Foundation. Your contributions will help meet critical patient needs such as pharmaceutical access, dental care, durable medical equipment, interpretation, transportation, connection with social services, and other wraparound assistance. Your donations will assist with efforts to expand services to rural counties in the mold of Project Access®.  And finally, your philanthropy will also support our new and exciting efforts of the Healthy Healer Program that recognizes the need to also take care of ourselves if we are to be successful in doing so for our patients. 

I look forward to leading the WCMS Foundation for the upcoming year, uncertainties and all.  I know we will continue our work in WNC to improve access to care, reduce disparities in health, and promote wellness and prevention.  Thank you for all your work and support that contributes to this important effort!

C. Britt Peterson
2017 WCMS Foundation Chair