Mosquitoes in Buncombe County: Key Points & Simple Steps

May 10, 2016

We need your help to keep people in our community safe from mosquito borne illness. Please read the important information below and help us spread the word about mosquito prevention so that we can Fight the Bite!  
Mosquitoes in Buncombe County can infect humans with dangerous diseases like LaCrosse Encephalitis, West Nile Virus, or even Zika, all of which are very dangerous for children. Mosquitoes don’t travel far from where they were born so, if you have mosquitoes around your home, they probably hatched nearby.  It only takes a VERY small amount of standing water to hatch hundreds of mosquitoes.
Please, help us spread the word to our community. SIMPLE STEPS INCLUDE:
o TIP AND TOSS standing water from containers. See this Tip and Toss PSA featuring local boy and girl scouts.
o Properly dispose of old tires that hold water. Check your child’s play area to make sure that tire swings have holes drilled into them.
o Check your gutters to make sure that they are not holding water.
o Consider organizing a community clean up day.
o Be sure that screens on windows and doors are in good repair. 
o Fill tree holes with sand and rocks if possible.
o Use mosquito briquettes in ponds or other places where there is standing water that is NOT circulating.
o Use mosquito repellant as directed on the label and wear protective clothing when outside.
In addition to these key points and simple steps, BCHHS has created tools to help you spread the word. We have posters available at 200 College Street, 3rd floor front desk for you to put up or take out into the community. We also have social media tools to help you spread the word.  
If you have old tires, please bring them to tire amnesty day on May 14-15 at the Asheville Mall in the Sears parking lot- where you can recycle them for free. Look around your community and take note of all the containers that can hold standing water and take steps to eliminate them.
Please help us FIGHT THE BITE! If you have concerns about mosquitoes in your neighborhood, contact Environmental Health at 250-5016. 
For more information about encephalitis or mosquito-borne viruses contact the Disease Control Division of Buncombe County Department of Health at 250-5109. You can also visit for more information on mosquito control.