Opioid Prescription Practices in Western North Carolina

October 25, 2017

From a PowerPoint for MedTalk at NCMS

"In 2005 this patient went in for surgery to correct a deviated septum. The surgery was successful and he was discharged home with a prescription for 30 Percocet tablets. His recovery was uneventful and when he went back for a re-check and reported that he had not needed to take any of the pain pills he was given the surgeon informed him that this was pretty much a “painless surgery.” When he asked why he been given the 30 pills he was told it was “expected.” In case you had not noticed this patient was me (Dr. Bunio) and when my wife and I were left with 30 narcotics that we did not need we did what we thought was the responsible thing and put them up on a high shelf away from children for a rainy day….but if you asked me to account for each of those pills I honestly could not do it.

According to the CDC”s provisional count of deaths for 2016 approximately 50,000 Americans died from opiate related drug overdoses with the biggest rise in fentanyl and heroin related deaths. That means by the time this 10 minute Medtalk is over one person will have lost their life to this terrible epidemic."

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