Press Release: City asks for feedback on reparations nomination and application process

October 20, 2021


 We are taking feedback on the Reparations Nomination and Application Process before we kick-off.  You can find the Reparations Nomination and Application Process survey at

 Please share with your networks in the next few days as we will close the survey on November 1, make adjustments to the application based on feedback and we hope the launch the nomination and application process on or about November 15.

 We plan to meet with historically impacted African American neighborhoods and there will also be Information Sessions starting November 4.

 YOUR VOICES are ESSENTIAL.  The Community Reparations Commission will be comprised of Neighborhood Nominees and Impact Focus Areas.  Neighborhoods nominees will not receive additional vetting by City Council but approved as nominated by the Neighborhoods.  Impact Focus Area Experts will be vetted and interviewed by both the City Council and the Board of Commissioners.

 Please call, text, email, or call me with any questions or concerns.  Thanks for being a part of this process.

 Best Regards



Brenda Mills, M.P.A.

Interim Equity & Inclusion Director | City of Asheville 

Office of Equity and Inclusion 


To contact me, use work mobile at 828.712.2324



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