Project Access screening patients for Social Determinants of Health

July 24, 2018

Working to improve health outcomes requires more than access to medical care; it encompasses behavioral health, as well as social, environmental, and educational factors-the "social determinants of health." All of these factors must be addressed in a holistic and comprehensive manner in order to improve health for an individual or a population. The Project Access® population would greatly benefit from our attention to social determinants of health.

Last week, WCMS Project Access staff began screening Project Access patients at intake and will be referring eligible patients to resources in areas that address social determinants of health, such as transportation, food security, domestic violence, employment, and housing. We plan to follow through with each resource referral to “close the loop.” We will be tracking data in order to evaluate the extent of need and adequacy of resources available, as well as to demonstrate accountability. We plan to grow as a referral hub for low-income residents in our community. Watch for more information as we expand our services and geographic area.