Proposed Physician Fee Schedule Rule

July 16, 2021

Attached are two charts the American Medical Association (AMA) created.  The first is the Specialty impact table, combining the proposals and the CF decrease.  It is at a more granular specialty level than the one in the Proposed Rule.  The second is an Excel table that is at the code level.

Combined Impact of Proposed Rule and Conversion Factor Reduction for 2022

Copy of Addendum B Comparison CY2021 to CY2022 NPRM

There was some confusion during CMS’ Open Door Forum call on Thursday.  The AMA confirmed with CMS that the 3.75% is NOT included in the specialty impact table in the Rule, but it is included in procedural code impact table on the agency’s website. The tables in the rule only the cover the proposals in the rule. 

Lastly, in the original note the AMA sent on the rule we made an error in calculation of the conversion factor reduction.  We would like you to be aware that the proposed 2022 conversation factor reduction is 3.75%, not 3.89% as indicated.  We incorrectly used the 2022 conversion factor as the denominator when we should have used the 2021 conversion factor as the denominator. The other numbers in that note are accurate.