Results of WCMS' 2018 Board Slate Vote & Burnout Survey

February 14, 2018

With over 10% of membership responding to the annual survey, which was emailed to all members in early January, both the Association and Foundation boards were approved by quorum per our bylaws. The Association Board was approved unanimously. The Foundation Board was approved by all but one of the respondents; 1 person voted no.  You can review 2018 Board members here: Foundation Board and Association Board 

We included a short survey about burnout in the email. Results are summarized here:

1.    How important is it for WCMS to offer the Healthy Healer Program (HHP) which aims to address
professional, medical burnout?
82% responded that it was either important or very important.

2.    Do you feel burned out because of your work? Work-related burnout can be defined as: a state of prolonged physical and psychological exhaustion, which is perceived as related to the person's work. 61% responded sometimes, often, or always.

3.    If you ever experience work-related burnout, what are the causes? The top 4 causes:
a.    Too many bureaucratic tasks at 55%
b.    Difficult patients at 45%
c.    Working too many hours at 39%
d.    Increasing computerization of practice at 37%

4.    What is the likelihood that you would seek support if you were experiencing burnout? 57% responded likely or very likely.

5.    Do you think that stigma associated with burnout is a barrier to providers seeking support/resources? 80% responded that stigma was a somewhat of a barrier to clearly a barrier.

We look forward to rolling out our 2018 Strategic Plan with you this year.