Seeking Health Care Leadership & Management Applicants

July 25, 2016

I am emailing to inform you that we are currently seeking applicants for our newest KIPL leadership program, Health Care Leadership & Management (HCLM). If you are interested in a program that provides a critical framework for physicians based on economics, finance and leadership development, then please fill out the attached application and send it back in to me, Erin Grover. You may learn more about the program, and fill out the application online at 
More and more physicians see the need for developing literacy in skills beyond their medical training; skills that involve managing systems, strategic planning and effectuating institutional change. The HCLM program offers a critical framework based on economics, finance and leadership development. This program is an in-depth opportunity to better understand yourself and others in order to work more effectively with others and foster change. There are four highly interactive sessions – mainly taught by your physician colleagues – that offer the greatest environment for learning and networking with your peers. These leadership and management tools and strategies will help you progress to the next level in your career. 
If this is not a program you may be interested in at this time, we encourage you to nominate a colleague who you think would make a great candidate. Applications are due by September 1st, so we ask that you please either send in your application or pass this information along to your colleagues as soon as possible. You may also send me the names and contact information for those who you would like to nominate and I can send them the information personally. 
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions about the program and/or application. 
We truly appreciate your help in spreading the word about our leadership programs here at the NCMS. 
Thank you!
Erin Grover
Project Manager, Kanof Institute for Physician Leadership 
NC Medical Society Foundation
P: (919) 833-3836
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