Survey Results - How Will the 3% Medicaid Cut Affect Your Practice?

April 29, 2015

Here are the results from the WCMS survey which was included in the April 20 publication of Vital Signs.

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Here are some quotes from your WCMS colleagues: 

“The over 20% decrease related to the elimination of Medicaid parity payments with Medicare has severely affected our ability to staff and care manage our patients. An additional 3% loss will result in a 25% revenue loss for over 1/3 of the children seen in our pediatric practice. Private payer coverage for the rest of our patients is not expected to increase and will not help cover these losses. Turning more Medicaid dollars over to pay for MCO administration will further reduce patient care.” 

“It will cost more to the tax payers.”              

“We will just have to see more patients to cover the cost or figure out how to cut costs elsewhere.”      

“As far as I know, there are no changes planned.”

“I am not certain what our hospital system will decide. But I can't imagine it will be favorable for access of Medicaid patients.”             

“It will limit our ability to improve the care we are delivering as we may not be able to hire the appropriate staff or improve quality.”            

“We anticipate laying off staff and reducing overall services.” 

“We will continue to see Medicaid patients, but will have to cut our services globally to accommodate the financial losses. The current Medicaid reimbursement does not cover the cost of the care we provide, so this additional cut will be devastating.”    

“My practice model has no restrictions on Medicaid. Over 50% of my patient population is Medicaid.”

“Restrict further the number of Medicaid patients for whom I care. I cannot afford to lose more money and keep my practice open.”