WCMS Foundation Board seeking Rural Health Innovations!

March 17, 2015

The WCMS Foundation Board of Directors is inviting innovative physicians, practices, and organizations from across the region to present their work to the Board. We are particularly interested in learning about rurally-based innovations that focus on our mission-- improving access to care, reducing health disparities, and promoting health and wellness--in order to garner ideas for replication.

If you would like to showcase your work to the Board, please contact Miriam@mywcms.org.

To date, we’ve heard from:

  1. Dr. Steve North, Director of the Center for Rural Health Innovation (Mitchell, Yancey counties)
  2. Medical Students Rivers Woodward and Brittany Papworth, Project Promise (Mitchell, Yancey counties)
  3. Dr. Michael Toedt, Cherokee Indian Hospital (click here for power point presentation)
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