The Western Carolina Medical Society Foundation’s Project Access® Fund Renamed in honor of Founder Dr. Suzanne Landis

November 19, 2018

The Western Carolina Medical Society (WCMS) has recently announced the renaming of its Project Access® Fund to the Dr. Suzanne Landis Project Access® Fund according to CEO/Executive Director Miriam Schwarz.

Project Access® is a ground-breaking physician volunteer initiative providing access to comprehensive medical care for low-income uninsured Buncombe County residents since 1996. More than 2,500 low-income individuals in Buncombe County receive healthcare through Project Access® annually.

A dedicated network of more than 500 Buncombe County physicians along with Mission Hospital, local pharmacies, WCMS Interpreter Network Interpreters, mental health providers, community service navigators, generous volunteers--all supported by donations from businesses and individuals in the community, provide healthcare through Project Access® to individuals in Buncombe County without reimbursement. Project Access® is not health insurance, it is however a way to help our community members stabilize their health so that health insurance is more attainable.

“It was the first time that charity care from physicians was truly coordinate,” says Landis. “Before, doctors would donate their services, but without the support of laboratories, pharmacies or hospitals. That care was limited,” she adds.

Project Access has received numerous accolades in the last 20 years, including the Innovations in American Government Award. More than 120 communities across the country have replicated the Project Access® model. 

To read the full press release, click here. 

More information about The Dr. Suzanne Landis Project Access® Fund or about Western Carolina Medical Society Foundation contact Miriam Schwarz, CEO/Executive Director at 828-274.2267 or

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