WCMS Interpreter Services Trains a New Crew of Interpreters!

February 28, 2019


Submitted by Mariela Solano, Director of WCMSF Interpreter Services

Western Carolina Medical Society Foundation’s Interpreter Network (WIN), in collaboration with MAHEC’s Department of Continuing Professional Development, has just completed the second yearly Winter Cross Cultural Communications Interpreter Training taught by one of WIN’s Contract Russian Interpreters and Interpreter Trainer, Gulnara Akbarova.

Gulnara went through the training to become a certified Cross Cultural Communications trainer last year while working as a staff employee at WIN. As you can see in the link provided above, a rigorous training process requires much time and effort as well as on going education.

The CCC course drew in twenty-five attendees representing seven countries of origin and seven different languages. I had the pleasure of visiting the classroom on a few occasions and was able to witness the energy that floated around the room as these trainees got a glimpse of what making a career out of interpreting would be like. Two interpreters that completed this course have already contacted WIN about potentially becoming contract interpreters, offering interpretation in Spanish, Russian and Romanian. Thank you MAHEC for collaborating with WCMS to make this happen. We hope that these classes will continue to be a success year after year, sending potential interpreters in to the world enriched with the knowledge that our very own trainer, Gulnara, has passed on.

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