WCMS Project Access® Collaboration with Partnership for Pastoral Counseling

February 7, 2018

Does your Project Access® patient need a mental health counseling referral? Look no further.

Mental Health services are available to Project Access® participants through a collaborative effort between WCMS and Partnership for Pastoral Counseling (“PPC”).  16 sessions of professional counseling services will be provided by counselors affiliated with PPC for a fee of $5 per session.  Counseling services offered through PPC are defined as preventative in the realm of mental health, offering people an opportunity to address their emotional/mental sufferings before they develop a much more costly and harmful mental illness. PPC services are not for long term therapeutic needs or medication management.

We encourage you to refer your Project Access® patients that are showing signs of emotional suffering and/or are living with a debilitating disease to PPC to help improve their efforts of achieving overall wellness.  Patients living with chronic, terminal or disabling illnesses are especially vulnerable to suffering emotionally and mentally.  PPC has been helping those living with illnesses such as these for over 20 years, supporting their efforts of acceptance for themselves and their families and/or healthy coping strategies of dealing with their diagnosis PPC Counselors welcome the opportunity to work in collaboration with primary care physicians to offer these participants a holistic treatment plan, paying close attention to their physical and mental symptoms. 

The collaboration between PPC and WCMS provides your Project Access® patients access to 12 mental health professionals in Buncombe county.   PPC counselors are all licensed mental health professionals with specialized training in Theology, allowing clients the opportunity (if desired) to draw strength from the Faith/Spirituality to help them with their healing process.

Learn more about PPC at www.ppcwnc.org

To refer a Project Access® Patient: 

  • Patients are referred to Project Access® by a participating physician or clinic. All referral forms must be faxed  to Project Access® staff, with the Project Access® referral form completely filled out.   (Fax: 828-274-1825)
  • Project Access® staff will screen and enroll patients if eligibility and if services are available.
  • Project Access® will fax denial/approval letters and a copy of enrollment dates to the source and destination providers.
  1. Please remember, if a patient is already enrolled in Project Access® a referral form still has to be fax to staff. (If not patient’s will be responsible for the bill, if the referral was not approved by Project Access®).
  1. Please do not refer patients directly to PPC, they must be referred to Project Access®, staff will complete the process.
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