Resources for Project Access® Providers and Practices

Click on the links below for forms and information:

Participating Practices- current as of May 2022: please ONLY refer to practices on this list.

Project Access® online referral form- link to a Jotform page; for clinic use ONLY

Project Access® Information for Clinics - comprehensive information sheet for clinics, including info for clinical staff, providers, schedulers and billing staff

Handout for referred patients- English

Handout for referred patients- Spanish

How we can help with non-medical needs- a list of organizations we work with to assist patients with needs related to social determinants of health (SDOH)

2022 Project Access® Pledge Formlink to a Google form where you can sign up your practice to donate visits (form is live as of 11/16/21)

Website Registration Formto gain access to the Verify Enrollment Portal

Business Associate Agreement

Pharmacy Benefit (Buncombe Co. only) formulary- updated January 2022

Prescription Discount Drug Card

List of Health Insurance Marketplace navigator entities- for multiple WNC counties

Do you need to schedule an interpreter for a patient?

Contact the WCMS Interpreter Network (WIN) at 828-274-0950 or

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer provider for Project Access®?

Contact Margarita Gonzalez, Outreach Manager

 at 828-274-2267 ext. 1308 or

Providers pledge an annual committment to the program. This is a number of patients to see throughout their course of care as oppposed to a number of visits. The pledge amount can be for the practice as a whole, or individually by provider. and can be per month or for the year. 

Providers and practices are not reimbursed for these visits. All care, supplies and staff time is donated. No money is exchanged for visits; Project Access® is not an insurance program.

We can provide our tax ID if you require it for your records. 

Please send us a claim for each Project Access® visit so that we can keep track of kept appointments. We can provide a quarterly count to each office to monitor referrals- let us know if you would like this report. 

Thank you to our incredible volunteer providers, practice managers, clinical staff, schedulers and billing teams- Project Access® is only possible because of your generosity!


Other questions?

To contact our Health Access Coordinator team, who work with applicants, verfications, referrals, denials and other daily Project Access® operations, please contact us at 

828-274-6989 or