Are you newly retired and wanting to continue to be engaged in health care? Become a Buncombe County Medical Examiner!


Newly or nearly retired?  Would you like an interesting way to continue to help patients and families, use your skills, serve our community, get paid, and be very popular at social gatherings?  Become a Buncombe County Medical Examiner.  We only need one more right now, but may need another very soon.  No malpractice insurance needed (our patients are already dead), no DEA number, but you will need to maintain you medical or PA license.

You'll get to interact with law enforcement, our wonderful Mission Office of Decedent Affairs staff, EMS staff, and occasionally with families of the deceased.  We collect information, do external exams, draw blood, fill out a digital 4 page report, sign death certificates and send those patients needing autopsy to Winston-Salem.  There's a two day training conducted by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, and there's lots of local help from current Buncombe County Medical Examiners.  Our current schedule has most of us on call 3.5 days every other week, though two of us share that slot.  There's never been a problem getting someone to cover or switch call times. 

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Sharon Sweede, MD at