Spanish Interpreter (PRN)




    To improve the quality of and access to healthcare for Spanish speaking patients in the two MAHEC community-based health centers by: providing in-office and phone interpretation for patients, creating bilingual versions of patient care forms, reviewing and purchasing Spanish resources (e.g., videos, etc.), providing in-service training to increase cultural competencies of faculty, staff and residents, and identify and coordinate with available community resources.




    80 %    I.         Interpretation/Translation: provide overall effective communication between

    MAHEC staff and patient and/or family.


    • Serve as English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English interpreter between patients and staff (clinical/administrative/business office) in the medical facility environment.
    • Serve as English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English interpreter between
    • patients and care providers/staff for telephone communication.
    • Coordinate referral appointments for Spanish speaking patients.
    • Translate and revise all patient care forms and/or documents.
    • Review, evaluate, and coordinate purchase of appropriate Spanish language resources (e.g., videos, etc.) for patient and staff use.



    10 %   II.        Training: coordinate and provide in-service training to increase cultural

    competencies of faculty, residents, and staff.

    • Assess MAHEC’s relevant training resources and make recommendations for use.
    • Enhance the cultural competency training available through existing graduate medical education programs.
    • Coordinate workshops for faculty, residents, and staff.


    10 %   III.       Community Coordination: Coordinate resources to address healthcare

    communication needs of Spanish speaking people served by MAHEC’s clinical


    • Determine available interpretation/translation resources in the local/regional healthcare community.
    • Interact with professionals in the healthcare community, agencies, and members of the Hispanic community to explore coordination of translation services.
    • Develop a directory of healthcare providers appropriate to manage MAHEC’s Spanish speaking patients when making referrals.
    • This job description is a general description of the essential job functions.  It is not intended to describe all the duties an Interpreter/Translator may perform.


    EDUCATION and/or EXPERIENCE: Any combination of education and experience equivalent to an Associate Degree, documented completion of a medical interpreter training course, and at least one year of experience in verbal interpretation and written translation in a healthcare environment required.  Familiarity with medical terminology required.

    CERTIFICATES, LICENSES, REGISTRATIONS: Driver’s license required.  Certification in Spanish interpretation/translation or equivalent preferred.

    COMPUTER SKILLS: Basic skills and experience with word processing software required and spreadsheet software knowledge preferred.

    COMMUNICATION SKILLS: This position requires excellent written and verbal communication skills in both English and Spanish.  Attention to detail (including grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting) required.

    FOREIGN LANGUAGE SKILLS: Must be fluent in English and Spanish.  Ability to read, interpret (verbal), and translate (written) from English to Spanish and Spanish to English required.

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This position requires the ability to appropriately and professionally handle multiple and competing priorities; must be able to work effectively under pressure.  Also requires sensitivity and discretion in dealing with confidential patient information.


Asheville, NC