Benefits of WCMS Membership

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Physician Wellness/Burnout Prevention

WCMS is working to prevent physician burnout and promote wellness by...

  • Free, confidential thearpy sessions for members 
  • Offering professional coaching and counseling through the Healthy Healer Program
  • Discounts on self-care programs 
  • Sharing articles on Physcian Wellbeing in our Healthy Healer Section of our weekly e-news letter Vital-Signs you'll have lower stress, a better work-life balance and a more ideal practice!


"I am a member of the Western Carolina Medical Society because I care about the health of this community."


Physician Advocacy

WCMS advocates on your behalf by...

  • Engaging with legislators and policy makers on important healthcare issues such as:
    • Medicaid Reform/Expansion 
    • Telehealth Parity
    • Mental Health Reform
    • Scope of Practice
    • The physician-patient relationship (keeping legislation out of the exam room)
  • Coordinating Virtual White Coat Wednesday events to engage with WNC legislators
  • Connecting you with key legislators and policy makers

... which means you play a role in shaping healthcare policy!



WCMS provides you with networking opportunities including...

  • Annual Membership Celebration
    • This winter event allows physicians and guests to enjoy good music, food, brews, and most importantly the opportunity to socialize and build relationships in a casual, relaxed atmosphere
  • Family Fall Festival
    • This family-friendly event welcomes new physician families into the community each autumn with dinner, outdoor games and fun
  • Affinity Groups for:

...which means more connectivity with other WNC Physicians!



WCMS keeps you informed via...

  • Vital Signs weekly e-Newsletters
    • Timely updates on events, news, articles of interest, resources, and job opportunities.
  • Social Media
  • Website
    • Newsroom with important announcements, articles, and more
    • Calendar with WCMS events, CME opportunities, and more
    • Medici app
      • HIPAA-secure texting app for smartphones and tablets so you can safely collaborate with medical colleagues
      • Serves as an up-to-date, at your fingertips directory of all WCMS physician members

...which means you save time AND stay on top of the ever-changing healthcare landscape!

"I’m a member of WCMS because I enjoy having further information about what’s going on in the political community around me and in the medical community around me"



Physician Leadership

WCMS enhances physician leadership in WNC through...

  • Developing future leaders
    • WCMS offers residents, medical students, and early career physicians various opportunities to develop their leadership skills (championing causes and affinity groups, running special projects, serving on Boards of Directors)
  • Collaborate with NCMS' Leadership College by identifying potential participants locally for NCMS, and supporting the work the particpants do through the college. physicians are equipped for leadership roles in healthcare!


Discounts and Value-Added Member Benefits

WCMS offers a range of discounts on...

  • Interpretation and written translation services through the WCMS Interpreter Network.
  • A Preferred Vendor program providing discounted services, in:
    • Financial Serivices (accounting, wealth management, and more)
  • Job Board and Classified Ad postings
  • Physician Directories 

... which means that you and your practice save money!

"I joined WCMS because I’m so busy taking care of patients all day I don’t have time for all the medical, political morass that we have to deal with. These guys do a great job of it and I’m so grateful for that.”




WCMS highlights your expertise through...

  • The Physicians' Voice media campaign
    • Guest columns written by WCMS members on topics of interest to the public 
  • Articles about innovative practices & physicians
    • WCMS highlights various physicians and practices on the cutting edge of healthcare transformation

... which enhances the image of your practice and your profession!    


WCMS physicians support our charitable programs to... 

  • Improve access to healthcare
    • WCMS' Project Access program helps uninsured, low-income patients get healthcare
    • WCMS' Health Access Counselors help WNC residents get insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace
  • Address disparities in health
  • Promote wellness and prevention
    • WCMS convenes a committee of physicians and business leaders to brainstorm and implement ideas to "move healthcare upstream" you help improve the health and wellness of our community!

"I'm a member of WCMS because I have a great appreciation for the organizations' dedication and commitment to supporting physicians in our community and their dedication to our community's access to quality health care as seen through the years by their programs such as Project Access and Interpreter Network Services."


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For more information, please contact Niki Duff, Manager of Membership Programs.