"The Healthy Healer"- Promoting Wellness and Preventing Burnout

Donate-to-Phys-Wellness-(2).pngAddressing Burnout 

A recent Mayo Clinic study showed that over half of physicians suffer from one or more symptom(s) of burnout.  Given this, the issue of physician burnout and helping to promote wellness is an integral part of our 2017 Strategic Plan.

The Healthy Healer Program offers:


Mission & Vision for Healthy Healer Program:

  • Vision: The HHP’s vision is to create and sustain a vibrant, healthy and functional medical community where every physician feels safe, nurtured and supported.
  • Mission: WCMS’ Healthy Healer Program promotes physician family wellness and wellbeing and assists physicians experiencing burnout through advocacy, education, prevention, assistance and referral.

Articles about Burnout/Wellness: