Face shields being developed by Greg Williams and distributed by WCMS

April 30, 2020

At the beginning of April, WCMS was approached by Greg Williams, a Western North Carolina community member, asking if we knew of any providers or practices in need of face shields. Williams developed a detailed and thoughtful sanitizing process and was prepared to design and donate several face shields immediately. At the time, we hadn't recieved any requests for face shields specifcially. However, WCMS and Williams decided to work together in hopes of distributing the shields as soon as the need arose. Williams delievered the first batch of 60 face sheilds within 5 days of our initial communication and 80 additional sheilds have since been produced by Greg and will be allocated to providers by WCMS shortly.

As we anticipated, within a few days of Williams reaching out, we received requests from several skilled nursing facilities in need of face shields. At that same time, we noticed more swab testing was happening in the community and the need for these sheilds has only increased since we started working with Greg. WCMS is grateful for this partnership and will continue working with Williams to ensure that our WNC medical community has the PPE they need to get through these trying times. 

Here's what Greg had to say about getting involved: 

"Making face shields seemed like an intuitive, accessible way to support healthcare workers after seeing coverage of PPE shortages. I noticed that most used foam and elastic, making me skeptical about ease of cleaning. However, the last few days of March, I noticed a story of the 3D printing community organizing behind a design by Erik Cederberg from Sweden.  With minor changes, I was convinced these could be created quite inexpensively with a hobby-level CNC router on hand.  While clearly not the most valuable shortage item, it was a welcome respite to see the collaboration to create such a large number of these across the country and get them distributed."


Photo of Brooks Howell Nursing Home staff wearing face shields produced by Greg Williams and distributed by WCMS