Dr. Baumgarten chosen for The William Bruce Award: A Tradition for WNCPA

February 12, 2014

The  William Bruce Award given by the Western North Carolina Psychological Association (WNCPA) began in 1994 when WNCPA hosted a dinner for local physicians and psychologists. The concept was well received and realizing how interdependent we (psychologists and physicians) are in caring for our patients, WNCPA decided to make the dinner an annual event. Now we understand that the best mental health care is the product of collaboration among the physicians, psychologists and patient. In 1996, WNCPA decided to honor a psychologist and a physician who were intimately engaged in the art of collaboration and William Bruce, Ph.D. and Richard Walton, M.D.  were chosen as the recipients because of their cooperative efforts of the Family Practice Residency Program in the areas of psychology, mental health, and behavioral medicine. The awards became an integral part of our Physician-Psychologist Dinner. In 1999, we decided to name the annual award in honor of the first psychologist recipient of the award. Your invitation to our next awards dinner is listed below. We hope that you will chose to attend and respond by March 6.  

You are cordially invited to be our guest at the annual WNC Psychological Association’s William Bruce Awards honoring Alan Baumgarten, M.D., and  Gordon Schneider, Ph.D., for their contributions to “Integrated Care: Interfacing Medicine and Mental Health”  

Keynote Speaker: Susan Reinhardt,  award-winning columnist, author and humorist  

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 at The Grovewood Cafe
111 Grovewood Road, Asheville, NC 28804
6:00 PM hors d’oeuvres and cash bar
7:00 PM dinner and awards
RSVP  by 3/6 to Susan Hill, EdD.   828-254-9494 or email slhill97@hotmail.com
Past Award recipients:
Richard Walton, M.D. 1996 William Bruce, Ph.D.
Olson Huff, M.D. 1997 Bernie Harris, Ph.D.
Kim Masters, M.D. 1998 Ted Seitz, Ph.D.
Karen Dedman, M.D. 1999 John R. Clement, M.A.
Iverson Riddle, M.D. 2000 Karen Marcus, Psy.D.
Harold R. Gollberg, M.D. 2001 Stephanie Citron, Ph.D.
Paul Martin, M.D. 2002 Anne Burns Harris, Ph.D.
Robert Jolley, M.D. 2003 Walter J. Lawless, Ph.D.  Media Award Susan Reinhardt
Martha Salyers, MD  2004 William Barley, Ph.D. Media Award David Horan
Steve Baker, M.D.  2005 Ed Hamlin, Ph.D.
Polly Ross, M.D. 2006 James Harrison, Ph.D.
Wes Garbee, M.D. 2007 Jerry Coffey, Ph.D.
Special Service Award to Laurie Hamilton, Ph.D.
Steve Buie, M.D., 2008 Bill Matthews, Ph.D.
Adrian Sandler, M.D. 2009 Laurie Hamilton, Ph.D.
Robert Kline, M.D. 2010 Pamela Laughon, Ph.D.
Ralph Jones, M.D. 2011 Barber Gerber, Ph.D.
Cindy Brown, M.D. 2013 Dominique Huneycutt, Ph.D.