Grassroots Advocacy Forum : Tell Congress to vote NO on AHCA

April 28, 2017

Call your members of Congress and tell them to no on the American Health Care Act (AHCA). The health bill does nothing to improve the health care crisis in rural America, and will lead to poorer rural health outcomes, more uninsured and an increase in the rural hospital closure crisis.

The AHCA was modified this week, and some reports show that that the House could vote on the bill as early as tomorrow. This bill falls woefully short in making health care affordable and accessible to rural Americans. One of the provisions of the amendment would allow states to waive essential health benefits such as maternity care and emergency room visits. NRHA is concerned this may result in less care for enrollees, especially in rural America. 

Many provisions in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are not working effectively in rural America. Unfortunately, the AHCA does nothing to address these problems and instead provides coverage for fewer rural Americans leading to poorer rural health outcomes and an increase in the rural hospital closure crisis.

NRHA has continued to meet with members of the House and Senate to express concerns about the AHCA. Congress is listening to the rural voice and its time to act now - tell your member of Congress to vote no on the AHCA.
Erin Mahn Zumbrun
National Rural Health Association
Government Affairs & Policy Manager
Washington DC