Project Access All Souls Counseling Update

June 20, 2016

Dear WCMS Primary Care Physicians,

WCMS would like to announce our new partner for Project Access® patients, All Souls Counseling Center (ASCC). All patients who are uninsured or underinsured may be referred to ASCC, regardless of enrollment in Project Access; however there is a special discount available for Project Access® patients.

ASCC provides mental health services to uninsured and underinsured residents of WNC for issues such as depression and anxiety, employee assistance, stress management, addiction recovery, trauma, relationship problems, grief, life transitions, parenting issues including post-partum depression, couples, LGBTQ needs, psychiatric medication management for established patients, and bilingual English/Spanish counseling.

Project Access® Physicians, here is what you need to know:

While ASCC will not be entirely donating their services to Project Access®, they have agreed to see Project Access® patients at the lowest end of the sliding scale fee, i.e. $5 or less per counseling session. If a patient has a need to meet with the psychiatrist, they will first complete 3 visits with a therapist. If it is determined necessary to see the psychiatrist, the patient will be responsible for an initial $50 copay with the psychiatrist and $25 copay for follow-up visits. However, ASCC will not turn away a patient for inability to pay. If copay needs to be adjusted, the patient and ASCC will decide on the amount.

Here is what you need to know as a provider, broken down into steps:

  1. Beginning October 5, 2015, Project Access® staff will be able to refer patients to ASCC for discounted services.
  2. The PCP may refer a patient to Project Access® staff using our standard referral form (The PCP notes that the patient needs therapy or psychiatry and can request ASCC specifically if desired).
  3. Project Access® staff will contact the patient (usually via mail) to screen for eligibility in Project Access®
  4. If the patient is approved for Project Access®, they must usually wait to be contacted by their specialty care provider. In this case, our staff will notify the patient of their responsibility to call ASCC.
  5. ASCC’s nurse will speak with the patient to determine if the patient is a good candidate for ASCC.
  6. ASCC will notify Project Access® as to whether or not they will be seeing the patient and recommend other resources for the patient as necessary. 
  7. Project Access® staff will notify the PCP if ASCC will see the patient or if other resources have been recommended.

We would like to hear from our Project Access® physician community about this new mental health resource.  Please e-mail me with your questions, comments and feedback:

Thank you for donating your invaluable service to Project Access® patients and making our community healthier.


Project Access