Project Access Update: Gabapentin prescriptions

August 8, 2016

Dear Physician,

Thank you for your commitment to Project Access® (PA). This message is to inform you that your patients will no longer be able to obtain Gabapentin (Neurontin) with their PA medication card.

This is due to multiple factors:

  1. As you may know already, there has been an unpredicted increase in medication costs for PA such that we have already reached our medication budget for the year and need additional funding.
  2. The number of Gabapentin prescriptions has risen along with a significant increase in cost largely contributing to the funding shortfall as noted above.
  3. We have learned that there is a  NCMedAssist  program that will cover your patient's prescription for Gabapentin at no cost.

So, now, when your patient presents a prescription for Gabapentin at their pharmacy, they will be instructed to contact WCMS for assistance in completing the NCMedAssist application in order to receive this medication at no cost. 

Thank you again for your dedication and generosity in support of Project Access®. Your understanding in this recent change in medication coverage for your patients is also greatly appreciated as we navigate increasing costs and budgetary constraints while continuing to serve our patients' needs for better health and wellness.

Lisa Ladd MD                   Medication Management Committee Chair-WCMS Foundation Board
Todd Wallenius MD          WCMS Foundation Board Chair
Miriam Schwarz                WCMS CEO/Executive Director