About WCMS

Our Mission
To advocate for healthy communities, increase access to healthcare, fight health inequities, and promote wellness in Western North Carolina.

Our Vision
To be a dynamic physician community dedicated to a healthy, vibrant Western North Carolina.

Our Values
Integrity. Quality. Compassion. Diversity. Innovation.

Our Goals
To strengthen the health of the medical profession. To strengthen the health of the patient. To strengthen the health of the community. To strengthen the health of WCMS as an organization.

Our Key Strategic Partners
Physicians (Employed & Independent), Physician Assistants, Residents/Students, Health System Leaders, Practice Administrators, Community Leaders, Sponsors/Businesses, Donors/Funders, Patients, Staff/Contractors

Our Strategic Plan

Our Organization

Buncombe County Medical Society in 1885

The Western Carolina Medical Society (formerly Buncombe County Medical Society) was established in 1885. In 1990, the medical society (then BCMS) incorporated so that it could better advocate on behalf of physicians and our community. Throughout its history, WCMS has been an innovator in supporting and advocating for physicians in the practice of medicine, and working collaboratively with area organizations to address the health challenges facing our community’s residents. 

WCMS Membership

New Western Carolina Medical Society members at the 2016 Newcomers Picnic

The WCMS is a thriving professional association of 700+ physicians and physician assistants from 16 western North Carolina counties. Some of the services provided by the WCMS Association include:


WCMS Foundation

The Foundation is physician and community-led and is respected for its leadership and innovation in addressing access to healthcare for low-income, uninsured people, disparities in healthcare, and wellness and prevention.

Project Access® is a ground-breaking physician volunteer initiative providing access to comprehensive medical care for low-income uninsured people since 1996 first in Buncombe County, and now in Madison, McDowell, Mitchell and Yancey counties as well. More than 2,500 low-income individuals receive healthcare through Project Access® annually. 

WCMS Interpreter Network (WIN) provides patients and healthcare providers with professional medical interpreters to decrease disparities in care due to language barriers. WIN offers interpretation and tranlation services in all WNC counties.

The Healthy Healer encourages wellness in physicians and physician assistants.


WNC Colorectal Cancer Screening Initiative provides colorectal cancer (CRC) screening to average risk, uninsured, low income patients between ages of 45 and 75 in Buncombe, Madison, Mitchell and Yancey counties. 

The Charles Blair Health Parity Scholarship Fund Charles Blair, MD was an ardent advocate for health equity and increasing the number of people of color in the health care professions. Scholarship funds support under-represented students of color who are college-bound to study a health-related field.

The Foundation Endowment, formed in 1998, recognizes the tradition of giving by physician families. The Endowment is an enduring gift for the health of our community administered by the Community Foundation of WNC which awards grants to health and wellness programs in our community.

The WCMS Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

WCMS is a Living Wage Certified Employer


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