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General Contact Information

Mailing address:
Western Carolina Medical Society
304 Summit Street
Asheville, NC 28803

Email Address:
Phone: 828.274.2267
Fax: 828.274.2093

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Project Access

WCMS Interpreter Network (WIN)

Healthy Healer:


Staff Listing

Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director

Office Manager
Denise Lewis, ext. 1302

Administrative Assistant
Matt Davenport, ext. 1301

Director of Development
Amy Barcomb, ext. 1310

Manager of Membership Programs
Niki Duff, ext. 1313


Director of Health Access & Equity Programs
Mariela Solano, ext. 1304

Outreach Manager 
Margarita Gonzalez, ext. 1308

Health Access Coordinator
Isabella Cantor, ext. 1303

Health Access Coordinator
Cristina Cardenas, ext. 1306

Health Access Coordinator
Heather Maceyext. 1316

Project Access Administrative Assistant
Tamara Olmedoext. 1305

Health Access Coordinator
Andrea Ward, ext. 1309

Health Access Coordinator/WIN Program Administrator
Rosalia McHattie, ext. 1307

WIN Program Administrator
Lynn Brooks, ext. 1315