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About Project Access®

Project Access® is a ground-breaking physician volunteer initiative providing access to comprehensive medical care for low-income uninsured Buncombe and Madison counties residents since 1996. More than 2,500 low-income individuals in Buncombe and Madison counties receive healthcare through Project Access® annually.

How Project Access® Works

A dedicated network of more than 500 Buncombe County physicians along with Mission Hospital, local pharmacies, WCMS Interpreter Network Interpreters, mental health providers, community service navigators, generous volunteers--all supported by donations from businesses and individuals in the community, provide healthcare through Project Access® to individuals in Buncombe and Madison counties without reimbursement. Project Access® is not health insurance, it is however a way to help our community members stabilize their health so that health insurance is more attainable.

Project Access® Provider or Practice? 

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Every $1 invested in Project Access® produces a return of $15 in medical care!

"Project Access® fills an urgent need in our community allowing us to coordinate preventive and wellness care that keeps patients’ overall health at a higher level. As a result, our volunteer physicians limit the episodes of crisis care such as hospitalization or emergency care, which is always more expensive and less desirable for patients." Bill Hathaway, MD, Chief Medical Officer for Mission Health Systems

Interested in becoming a volunteer provider for Project Access®?

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Why Project Access® is More Crucial Than Ever

Even with the Affordable Care Act, nearly 14% of Buncombe County residents remain uninsured. Many are too poor (fall below the Federal Poverty Line of $11,880 for an individual) to qualify for the Affordable Care Act, and without Medicaid expansion in North Carolina these individuals need programs such as Project Access® more than ever before so they can live healthier lives. In fact, many people rely on Project Access® to survive.

We are grateful to the amazing Project Access® network of providers and practices, volunteers and supporters. We need your help to ensure that we can continue to provide healthcare to those in need in Buncombe and Madison counties.

If you are interested in learning more about Project Access® and how you can help, please contact us at 828.274.6989.

Our Certified Health Access Counselors are Here to Help

Enrollment in Project Access® is not the only option for the low-income, uninsured of Buncombe County for their medical needs. Many providers have payment plans to assist low-income patients. We have a team of Certified Health Access Counselors who can assist patients with understanding their healthcare options, including:

  • Helping enroll in the health insurance marketplace
  • Helping understand the health insurance marketplace insurance premiums
  • Screening patients for Medicaid, Medicare, and Project Access®, as eligible.


Thank You Letters from Project Access® Patients:

E.L. Letter

WCMS Project Access®
304 Summit St, Asheville, NC 28803

Thank You Project Access® Volunteers!

Project Access® exists thanks to the donations of local physicians, hospitals, and other providers. Check out the volunteer lists from past years: