Promoting Wellness and Preventing Burnout

Addressing Burnout 

A recent Mayo Clinic study showed that over half of physicians suffer from one or more symptom(s) of burnout.  Given this, the issue of burnout and helping to promote wellness is an integral part of our 2017 Strategic Plan.

Donate-to-Healthy-Healer.pngMission & Vision for Healthy Healer Program (HHP):

  • Vision: The HHP’s vision is to create and sustain a vibrant, healthy and functional medical community where every physician and physician assistant feels safe, nurtured and supported.
  • Mission: WCMS’ Healthy Healer Program promotes physician and physician assistant family wellness and wellbeing and assists providers experiencing burnout through advocacy, education, prevention, assistance and referral.

The Healthy Healer Program offers:



WCMS advocates to improve systems and policies that reduce factors contributing to burnout.  In 2016, WCMS successfully advocated for a change in the NC Medical Board’s definition of burnout– allowing physicians & physician assistants to seek help without having to report it.

WCMS annually hosts one to two burnout prevention retreats for physicians, physician assistants, and significant others. Events feature expert, engaging speakers and CME is offered.                                                                                                             



WCMS has vetted licensed therapists and psychiatrists who are knowledgeable about provider burnout and skilled to work with medical providers.  Therapists participating in WCMS’ Healthy Healer program offer a 15% discount to WCMS members.  WCMS has vetted professional coaches who can coach providers on how to address work and personal life dilemmas that lead to burnout.  Coaches participating in WCMS’ Healthy Healer program offer a 15% discount services to WCMS members. 

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WCMS facilitates affinity groups for similar physicians to connect (e.g., Women in Medicine, Rural Medicine, Independent Physicians, and Physician Assistants).  WCMS runs a column called “Healthy 
Healer” every week in our e-Newsletter. We are also developing an online resource library (see articles below). Most recently, we're offering confidential peer assistance for physicians flagged by NCMB for opioid prescribing practices. Click here to learn more. 

Concierge Services


WCMS has vetted two local concierge services that can provide essential, time-saving benefits such as: grocery shopping, appointment scheduling, event planning, dog walking and more! A 15% discount applies for WCMS members.

To learn more and to schedule with Tick Tock Concierge, click here.

To learn more and to schedule with Worry Free Concierge, click here.



Articles about Burnout/Wellness:

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Contact us: healthyhealer@mywcms.org 

If you are suicidal and need emergency help, call 911 immediately or 1-800-273-8255 if in the United States. If you are in another country, find a 24/7 hotline at www.iasp.info/resources/Crises_Centres

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