Dr. Robyn Tiger Presents "Relax Rx" to Women in Medicine!

December 16, 2019

On Thursday, December 12, 2019, WCMS hosted a Women in Medicine Affinity Group meeting sponsored by Sona Pharmacy at Asheville Community Yoga and Karma Cafe with Dr. Robyn Tiger.

We experienced an excellent turnout and a truly unique relaxation session led by Dr. Tiger, MD and Certified Yoga Therapist, entitled, "Relax Rx". Throughout the session, we practiced effective breathing and relaxation techniques that generated immediate results. The group appreciated that Robyn, being a Physician herself, could offer valuable and detailed explanations about how these practices impact various physiological and psychological systems. Dr. Tiger's presentation was clearly rooted in empirical evidence and presented in a way that was accessible and well received by this audience. 

WCMS is proud to offer events such as this one that promote connectivity and wellness among medical professionals in Western North Carolina. 


Dr. Tiger speaking with some Women in Medicine at Karma Cafe after the session! 


Asheville Community Yoga's space set up for Women in Medicine! 


Dr. Robyn Tiger, Medical Doctor & Certified Yoga Therapist